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GIS Training For Marine Police - 2010

    In 2010, OMCAR Foundation proposed to Inspector General of Police, Coastal Security Group, Chennai in order to support their effort to modernizing the field officers. OMCAR Foundation is familiar with basic GPS and participatory GIS to apply in the coastal ecosystem research and monitoring, It is an acknowledged fact that the organizations or bodies working in the field of social welfare, generally, ignore very important aspect of the society i.e. the departments of Police and Forest, which stand on guard so that we (society) can live peacefully and our seas and forests are protected for future generations. Thus, while enjoying the liberty, peace and environmental protection guaranteed by the Police and Forest departments, it becomes our moral as well as human duty to devote at least a few of the overall efforts of our organization to the service of the Police Personnel. This good intention leads us to facilitate this training programme for the field police officers and forest officers.

   The lessons and field training were designed for coordinating various instruments with GPS to let the participants to understand the concepts and basic operation of GPS and GIS.  Sub Inspectors of Marine Police stations along the coastal Tamil Nadu were participated in this two day training programme that held at Adirampattinam Marine Police Station.



  Dr.V.Balaji explained the concepts and applications of Global Positioning System and Geographical Information System in the first day.  A field exercise programme was carried out in Mallipattinam coastal area organized by OMCAR Foundation.   The participants were divided into four groups and each group was assigned to a specific task of finding hidden objects in the shore and in the sea.   These exercises helped them to operate the GPS in the field for searching and mapping.   Sequential photography techniques were also combined with the session in order to provide accurate field data.   The programme was carried out under the supervision of Superintend of Police of Coastal Security Group.    Deputy Superintend of Police of Thanjavur District coastal area lead the team members during the field exercises.

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