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Calm Waters

Dugong and Seagrass Awareness Programmes held at 16 Schools in February and March- 2022 

895 students from 16 schools, received Sea Cow awareness booklets and learned about sea cows, seagrass habitat and sustainable fishery. 

Donation of study materials on Republic Day of India 26th January 2022  Govrnment Primary School, Velivayal.

Donation of study Materials to Vivegananda Orphanage in Rajamadam, Thanjavur District at 26th January 2022

OMCAR-Awareness Programs on Marine Conservation in Schools along the Coast of Palk Bay

Schools are where young generations of the local community can be reached to spread conservation messages.So, OMCAR has been working with Schools through District Eco-Clubs and National Green Corps to organise dugong, seagrass, mangroves and sustainable fishery awareness events. We do so by using LCD Projector or Printed Pictures to explain local endangered species such as the dugongs and their habitat, and how the overlapping of fishing practices affects local biodiversity, the productivity of ecosystems and their flora and fauna.Our school programmes also include drawing and writing competitions about mangroves, seagrass, dugong, turtles, dolphins, climate change and local-level man-made activities.


Dustbin Donation to Coastal Village Schools